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Postdoc position

Announcement of a postdoc position at the Department Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University

Grid middleware development within the KnowARC project

The Grid technology to connect and use computer resources nationwide and worldwide has rapidly evolved over the past few years from an academic exercise to a solid solution to computational problems worked on by large and geographically distributed teams of users. Grid-based solutions are becoming critical tools for worldwide collaborations in science and technology, allowing their members to communicate and cooperate securely and reliably. While widely accepted technology standards are still in the process of being defined, several Grid solutions are already offering reliable services.

The KnowARC project aspires to improve and extend the existing state-of-the-art technology of the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware, which provides a set of reliable, robust, non-intrusive, well-tested core services. KnowARC aims to significantly increase awareness and usage of the next generation ARC middleware. The resulting high performance and popular Grid solution will increase productivity in many areas of human activities through efficient resource and expert know-how sharing. ARC focuses on intensive computational tasks and associated security and data handling issues, and since it is powerful and efficient, yet simple to deploy, maintain and use, the KnowARC solution is expected to become widely accepted.

The KnowARC project is funded by EU framework programme 6 and brings together partners from Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland.

A postdoc position at the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics at Uppsala University with the task to develop further the ARC middleware within the KnowARC project is hereby announced. The successful applicant will work together with the Uppsala Grid Group which have members from both the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics and the Department of Information Technology as well as with colleagues form other partners in the KnowARC project.

The position is open from 2008-02-01 for a period of one year with a possible extension to 2009-08-31. The task is to develop grid middleware within the KnowARC project.

More information about the position can be obtained from Prof. Tord Ekelöf (tord.ekelof@tsl.uu.se), phone +46 18 471 38 47 or +46 70 425 02 10 and Mattias Ellert (mattias.ellert@tsl.uu.se), phone +46 18 471 32 58 or +46 70 425 05 45.

Interested candidates should send an application by e-mail to Inger Ericson (inger.ericson@tsl.uu.se), Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Division of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Box 535, SE-751 21 Uppsala, Sweden, or by fax to +46 18 471 35 13, no later than 2008-01-21.